Welcome to Pinklaura. We’re happy to see you among our users. 

pinklaura.com is our online sales store., specializing in the production of women garments. 

Professional design team. Safe and environmentally friendly production factory.

We have many years of experience in B2B global bulk trade. We are now soft opening our B2C online sales site. 

Decades ago, the founder of our company, with her eye for clothing, bought clothing at wholesale prices , and set up stalls in other places. It was one of the most popular professions of that era. We are a group of constantly innovative and motivated people. Now that we have our own clothing factory and designer team, we have begun to shift our sales targets to a global scale. From wholesale and retail  to global B2B wholesale. Finally, we launched our brand new B2C brand Pinklaura. Use our boldest vision to capture the latest fashion styles, use better materials to produce clothing, and more affordable sales prices to bring the best Chinese clothing products to you who love beauty.