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How To Wash And Care For Sweater?

1. Wash in cold water below 30 degrees
It is best to wash sweaters with cold water below 30 degrees. Overheated water will cause sweaters to shrink, especially wool sweaters.
2. Hand wash as much as possible
Sweaters are best washed by hand and do not wash frequently, try not to use machine wash, it will inevitably pilling. If there are only a small part of the stain, you can apply toothpaste and salt to the stain and gently scrub.
3. Put a laundry bag on the machine-washed sweater
If the sweater is dirty and must be machine washed, be sure to turn the sweater over and put it in a laundry bag to avoid repeated friction and damage to the clothes during cleaning.

1. Lay flat to dry after washing
Many friends will find that sweaters are easily stretched and deformed after drying. In fact, your method of drying is wrong. It is best to prepare a professional drying rack and lay the sweater on it to dry, so that you don't have to worry about the deformation of the sweater~
2. Sweater storage
Sweaters should not be sloppy in storage after drying. For example, cashmere sweaters should be avoided from hanging, otherwise they will be easily deformed. Because sweaters are elastic clothes, folding storage is the safest way.
After folding, it is best to pack it in a clothes storage bag, so as to avoid friction with other clothes and cause hairballs. Of course, if you are afraid of static electricity, you can also fold the sweater and cotton T-shirt together, which can effectively prevent static electricity.